Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Houston!!!

Call me a skeptic but when the weather forecasters were calling for snow today I did not believe them. But alas, I was wrong. Right around 7am it started to snow very very lightly but by noon there were definite flurries. Our school district decided at 9:30 today to close the secondary campuses at 12:35 and the elementary campuses at 1:40. Talk about a madhouse today at school. Oh well, at least I got to go home early and spend more time with the girls. The girls are in heaven by the way. They saw snow last week in Utah for Thanksgiving and they were in love with it. Here are some pictures so far of the girls and the snow. I am sure we will have more.

Our bush out front
Kaylee and her snowball
Naomi and her snowball
Kaylee catching snowflakes on her tongue

The girls throwing snowballs at the car?!? Hey at least it is not me
The girls getting snow for their snowballs

Look at the snow on our roof


Michelle Judd said...

Ella was not that nice to me, the first chance she had she was throwing snow at me. What a fun day to have!

Mike and Julie said...

Did it stick to the roads at all? Because the pictures don't show it, so if not that is hilarious that school closed. Hahahaha