Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Hair Cut

Back in October, I got my hair cut in an inverted bob style and highlighted it. It turned out really cute. I love my new beautician!! However, I forgot to take pictures. This past Saturday I went in for a trim. So here is my new look.
PS: Funny Story!! Today one of my male students asked me if hair stops growing once you get it cut in a bob. I looked at him kind of strangely and wasn't sure if he was serious. However, he was totally serious. So I told him that I just cut my hair again on Saturday. And he said oh that makes sense because he was wondering why my hair was staying short :o) Kids got to love them. (By the way, this student is a Senior!! Are you worried about your future?)


The Hunsakers said...

I would be, but that isn't a shock. I get similar duh moments with my students.

Christianne Norton said...

Very cute hair cut and color Katie! Did she have to thin it out a lot??? Hope you are doing well. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!