Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Dance Recital

Tonight was the girls Spring Dance Recital. They both had a ballet routine and a tap routine. They both did terrific. They really enjoyed dance this year and can't wait for fall so they can dance again. One of my students actually came and recorded the recital for us. So grandparents be on the lookout of a DVD of the girls recital in the mail.

The girls in their ballet costumes
The girls in their tap costumes (if you can't tell Kaylee is a cat)



The girls and Ms. Heidi

Field Day 2011

Today Naomi had field day at her school. Since it was in the afternoon, I was able to go over and walk around with her. I really enjoyed spending time with Naomi. Here are a few pictures of Naomi doing various field day events.

Sack race


Stomp (?) race

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One of the many things I don't like about teaching... moving classrooms. After being in the same room for 7 years, my school has decided to relocate my classroom to be near the other teacher that is teaching Aquatics. Normally I enjoy moving because you can weed out things that you no longer use. However, moving a classroom is a totally different story. I am not looking forward to moving 20 fish tanks ranging between 30g- 5g. And then of course is my big monster tank of 150g. I tried to explain my hesitation with the principal but it was a no go. Well, there goes my dream of actually checking out early this year. I will definitely be spending the week after school gets out moving my classroom. I was offered the help of the custodians. If I boxed, they would move. However, knowing the history of breakage with the custodians. I don't trust them with my tanks!!

Our Little Speller Bee

Yesterday, Naomi's class had a spelling bee. Naomi placed 1st in her class. We are so proud of her. She is such a terrific speller. Every spelling test this year, she has got a 100. Next week some time, her and two of her classmates will compete in a 1st grade spelling bee. Stay tuned for the results!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter 2011

Better late than never. We really enjoyed Easter as a family this year. It was even more special since David was home this year. (Last year he was still in the hospital.) The girls enjoyed dying eggs with Daddy. I think we had more pink than any other color. The girls loved their Easter baskets and had fun finding the eggs. I bought them matching dresses this year but realized that I don't have a picture of the two of them and their dresses. I will have to take one and post it later. Oh by the way, the NO SPILL egg dying kit does not work. It makes a huge mess. We learned the hard way with it. Next year we are going back to the cheap kits and using our own cups!! Another thing I learned is: Kaylee egg hunts at lightning speed, next year I need to use the flipcam instead!!

David and the girls
Naomi dying an egg

Kaylee and David attempting to dye an egg using the No Spill cup

The girls and their baskets

Naomi with her eggs

Kaylee looking for an egg

Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Back in the beginning of March, Naomi lost her top two front teeth a week apart from each other. Naomi was so excited to lose these teeth. But I think she was more excited to write a letter to her tooth fairy. When she lost her first one, she wrote a letter to her tooth fairy asking her some questions. For instance what was her name and was she Naomi's personal tooth fairy. In case you were wondering, Naomi's tooth fairy's name is Merry, and she is Naomi's personal fairy but she will visit Kaylee when she starts losing her teeth. Once she lost her second one, she had some harder questions for the fairy. For instance how big she was, etc. Naomi is so excited that her tooth fairy writes back to her. She can't wait to lose another tooth. She is planning on making her tooth fairy clothes to leave the next time. I just love this child.

After she lost the first one

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A week ago, Kaylee asked what my wedding dress looked like and wanted to see it. Once she saw it, she wanted to try it on for a minute. Her are some pictures of Kaylee wearing my wedding dress and veil. (Oh and my sister Arielle's too!)

Budding Photographer

A few weeks ago, I was downloading pictures from the camera and was wondering why it was taking so long to load. When it finally pulled up, I noticed there were close to 300 pictures on my camera. This was a shock because I never keep that many pictures on the camera. It turns out that Kaylee had taken the camera and took over 200 pictures. Some of them were actually pretty good. So her gifts for her birthday from David and I was a kid's digital camera from Fisher Price. She absolutely loves the camera. She has already taken over 100 pictures. Below are some of Kaylee's pictures from my camera.

Kaylee and her new camera (I took this one)
Our dog Bumper

David's shoes

A zuzu pet purse

My polar bear carousel

Kaylee's 5th Birthday

Wow, I can't believe Kaylee is now 5. Last week was Kaylee's birthday. We decided to have Kaylee's party at the park this year. We invited some families that we knew, and had hamburgers and hot dogs. Then of course we did the cake and presents. Fun was had by all. Kaylee really enjoyed having my dad here for her birthday. He was in town for the week and actually had to leave the party early to catch his flight. Instead of trying to take pictures and video at the same time, I just filmed it with the flipcam and took pictures from it. I think the pictures turned out great. Here is just a sampling of pictures. (Yes, I know the cake is in the box but it was really windy and that is the only way the candle would stay lit!)

Tangled cake (however, all the rest of the decorations were Little Mermaid)
Blowing the candle

Wow my own Zuzu pet

Kaylee loves musical cards

Naomi's First Solo

The 1st grade classes at Naomi's school do a special Mother's Day program every year. The different classes sing a cute jazzed up nursery rhyme. And then the moms or grandmas go to the child's class for "tea". Naomi's class had a couple of solo parts in their song. And you guessed it Naomi was one of the soloist. Sorry I couldn't share the whole video but here is Naomi's solo. Her jazzed up nursery rhyme was Humpty Dumpty. She is wearing a nurses hat.