Thursday, May 19, 2011

Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Back in the beginning of March, Naomi lost her top two front teeth a week apart from each other. Naomi was so excited to lose these teeth. But I think she was more excited to write a letter to her tooth fairy. When she lost her first one, she wrote a letter to her tooth fairy asking her some questions. For instance what was her name and was she Naomi's personal tooth fairy. In case you were wondering, Naomi's tooth fairy's name is Merry, and she is Naomi's personal fairy but she will visit Kaylee when she starts losing her teeth. Once she lost her second one, she had some harder questions for the fairy. For instance how big she was, etc. Naomi is so excited that her tooth fairy writes back to her. She can't wait to lose another tooth. She is planning on making her tooth fairy clothes to leave the next time. I just love this child.

After she lost the first one

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