Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Interesting Phenomenon

Our car is getting older. And how it is with all older cars it is has its quirks. One of its odd little quirks is quite interesting. Inside our dash, we have two lights. One lights up the left side of the dash with the speedometer. And the other light works the right side. Well, the light on the right side stopped working about a year or so ago. The interesting phenomenon is that everytime we go on a long distance road trip the light magically works again. And then as soon as we pull into our neighborhood at the end of our trip it stops again. Hmm, how does our car know that we are going long distance and when we get back home. I have a strong feeling that the Lord controls that light for us. Maybe the Lord does have a hand in all things.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Pictures

While in AZ, David's mom brought the girls to Wal-Mart to get their pictures taken. Click here to see the pictures.


Holidays are a time to be thankful and spend time with family. David and I were able to drive to AZ to visit his family. We had a nice Thanksgiving with just his folks. (I'll blog more on that later.) And then on Saturday David's parents took the girls up to Show Low to see David's sister Lecia and her family. David's sister Shawna was there with hers as well. This is the first time that all 9 cousins have been together. I am glad the girls got to spend some time with their AZ cousins.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our girls have never done the traditional trick or treating. Instead, we go to our church's trunk or treat activity, Zoo Boo, and occassionally Mall-o-ween if Halloween is not on a Sunday. This year was a little bit unusual in that the girls went to Trunk or Treat without us. David and I were supposed to go on a date this past Friday night but our babysitter had to cancel but she was free Saturday. So David and I went on our date Saturday night and the girls went with our babysitter to trunk or treat. We have the absolutely best babysitter. Not only did she bring the girls to trunk or treat but she took pictures of them and then brought them home limited them to 2 pieces of candy and had them in bed (asleep) before we got home. (It will be a sad day when she goes off to college next year. She has been babysitting for us since she was a Freshman.)

Ready for the fun

Trunk or Treating (I think the cat has an itch)

Kaylee's loot

Naomi's loot

Matching Jammies

My mom made all of her granddaughters matching pj's. Naomi and Kaylee love them. Here is a picture of them in their jammies with their cat ears of course!! Thanks, Mom (Grandma).

Oil Ranch

On October 27th, Naomi's class went on a field trip to the Oil Ranch in Hockley. We asked Naomi who she wanted to go with her and she wanted me to. So I took the day off work and went with her. I had never been to the Oil Ranch but I enjoyed myself so much that I would like to go sometime as a family. Our day was spent filled with lots of fun activities. Naomi got to milk a cow, ride a pony, play in a hayloft, go on a hay ride to feed some cows, rode a miniature train, picked a pumpkin and lots of other cool stuff. I think my favorite was going on the hay ride. Before we got on the wagon for the hay ride each kid was allowed to get three pieces of cow food. Once we got into the pasture, the cows came right up to the wagon and ate the food right off the kid's hands. It was fun to see the kid's faces when they got slobbered by a cow.

Naomi milking a cow

Naomi riding a pony (she was a little unsure at first because of the height issue)

On our way to feed the cows

Feeding the cows

Naomi saying hi to the cows

Naomi in the hay loft

Learning about indians

Naomi with her pumpkin

Naomi's class (of course the sun was too bright and I did not realize that Naomi is behind a green post. arghh!!)

Zoo Boo 2010

From about October 12-17th, my dad came in town for a business trip. We were able to spend some time with him. One of the things that we were able to do was go to Zoo Boo with him. We love going to Zoo Boo. (Well, at least I do! I love the zoo.) The girls had an enjoyable time seeing the animals and trick or treating at the treat stations spread around the zoo. The girls also liked picking out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch and then decorating them. I let the girls choose what they wanted to be this year. Naomi wanted to be a black cat. And Kaylee wanted to be a PINK princess, of course!!

The girls all ready to go to Zoo Boo

A picture with the rhino (I am so excited to see the real ones once they open them to the public in December)

Finding the perfect pumpkin

Kaylee in the pumpkin patch

Naomi's perfect pumpkin

Cooling off at the end of a long walk around the zoo

David's Birthday

David's turned 36 this year. His birthday date was kind of cool. It was 10-10-10. It was a quiet birthday this year. We invited Jenny, Shane, and Aurora over for dinner and the party. Since David really is not a fan of cake, we had an ice cream cake. David got a lot of clothes from the girls and I. I think his favorite gifts by far was the small basketball hoop that hangs over a door from his parents and then a calendar from the girls and I that has a basketball hoop attached. The girls were really into David's birthday this year. They decorated the mirror for the party. And Naomi wrote a birthday list of what we needed to buy/do to celebrate David's birthday. It was very cute to see the girls get so excited for their Dad's special day. Here are just two of the pictures from that day.
If you look really close the present right up front Naomi wrapped
Blowing out the candles