Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zoo Boo 2010

From about October 12-17th, my dad came in town for a business trip. We were able to spend some time with him. One of the things that we were able to do was go to Zoo Boo with him. We love going to Zoo Boo. (Well, at least I do! I love the zoo.) The girls had an enjoyable time seeing the animals and trick or treating at the treat stations spread around the zoo. The girls also liked picking out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch and then decorating them. I let the girls choose what they wanted to be this year. Naomi wanted to be a black cat. And Kaylee wanted to be a PINK princess, of course!!

The girls all ready to go to Zoo Boo

A picture with the rhino (I am so excited to see the real ones once they open them to the public in December)

Finding the perfect pumpkin

Kaylee in the pumpkin patch

Naomi's perfect pumpkin

Cooling off at the end of a long walk around the zoo

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