Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunday Treat

As a treat last Sunday night, the girls helped me make some pudding. They enjoyed helping me soo much can't you tell?

Mommy's Apprentice

On days that I am teaching, I always come home wearing my badge and keys. Kaylee loves to take them off and play with them. Sometimes it is hard to find where she has placed them. One day this week, Kaylee was playing with my badge and put it on and said, "I a teacher. I am ready to work." I thought it was pretty cute so I took a picture of it.

Too Smart for Her Own Good

Earlier this week I was trying to get Naomi to clean up her crayon mess in her playroom faster. She finally turned around and told me, "Mommy I am not a hare!" Huh. Then I figured it out. She was comparing herself to the tortoise and the hare. And she was not the hare she was the tortoise. Pretty good logic for a five year old!

Fashion Statement

Kaylee has these sandals that she calls her Diego shoes. (She loves Go Diego Go.) Even though the sandals don't fit anymore she still wants to wear them. Guess I better hide them.

My New Apron

My sugar n' spice apron came last Friday but I have been down and out with a migraine so I haven't posted anything. My swap partner was awesome. The apron is wonderful and the goodies she sent made the package complete. I can't wait to wear my apron and make valentine's day cookies with the girls.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dancing Queens

My Kaylee What a Small Tub You Have!!

David was doing the dishes last night and he put some soapy water in the crock pot to have it soak. He brought it into the dining room where Kaylee was. As soon as he brought it in, Kaylee said, "bubbles". A little bit later we heard Kaylee say, "I want to get baked (aka naked)". I was stumped as to why all of sudden she wanted to get undressed. And then I heard, "put some of this in the bathtub." Aha, Kaylee thought that the crock pot had bubble bath in it. The next thing we knew Kaylee was on the table trying to get into the crock pot for her bubble bath!!! This kid constantly makes me smile. P.S. Yes she got a bubble bath last night in the big tub not in the crock pot.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost No More

Being from such a small town in Arizona, David tends to get lost here in Houston. For David's new job he has to drive to clients homes all around Houston. We had discussed buying a GPS for David so he can find his clients homes. This morning sealed David's case for getting a GPS. Around 9 o'clock this morning I got a voicemail from David saying he was lost and could not find the clinic he was supposed to go to for more training today. By this time he was already a half hour late. Since I was in the middle of teaching, I couldn't help him and had him call my dad. Dad was over in that area so he helped David find the clinic. (Thanks Dad!) Getting a GPS now was not a maybe but a necessity. Tonight after dinner we went to Sam's and bought David a top of the line GPS so he will be lost no more. An added feature of the GPS that we bought is that it will tell David what streets he is approaching and it talks to him. On a funny note: the girls were with us when we bought the GPS and installed it in the car. Once it was installed on the windshield Kaylee started making requests for movies. She was pretty upset when we told her that it was not a DVD player! :o)

Sassy Apron

My apron swap is hosting a giveway on this to die for apron. I wanted to be entered as many times as possible for this apron so here is a plug for Lana's Sassy aprons. You must visit her etsy shop. I am drooling over all her aprons they are just amazing. I can't figure out which one I like the most.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kiss the Girl

It is common knowledge by now that Kaylee loves the Little Mermaid. However, I think she has watched a little too much Ariel. Just the other day I was in the kitchen getting a drink and I heard Kaylee start singing "Kiss the Girl." I turned around to see Kaylee holding Barbie and Ken and having them hold hands to dance and then KISS! This is not a good sign. After all she is only 2!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are You a Mormon?

The majority of you know that I teach high school science. Well earlier this week one of my students asked me out of the blue if I was a mormon. (Because I teach school I have to be very careful about what I say about my religion. But since I was directly asked, I am allowed to say something.) Well, first I decided to try and figure out why this student was asking me this. So I asked him why do you want to know. And he said well so-so said you were a mormon and I didn't believe him so I made a bet with him that you are not a mormon. (Yikes!! He was definitely not going to win this bet.) But first I wanted to figure out why he didn't think I was a mormon. So I said well what do you know about mormons. And he confessed that he had no clue what a mormon was. One of my other students piped up that mormons believe in reincarnation. Oh boy!! I dispelled this misinformation and said no we believe that we have eternal life after we die. Then my student asked so are you a mormon. And I was honest with him and said yes I was. And left it at that. Poor kid was upset because now he owed his friend $20. At first I was really troubled with this because I try to live my life so people will know that I am mormon or more accurately a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And I thought man I must be doing something wrong if a student made a bet that I was not a mormon. And then David said something that gave me pause to think. David told me with all the misconceptions and false rumors that have been going around about our church lately maybe it is a good thing that my student didn't associate me with being a mormon. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is done what my dad suggested. He said maybe I should have told the student if he really wanted to know what a mormon was that he should visit So for any of you that are reading this post and are not mormon. I invite you to go to and find out what a mormon really is.

Sticker Shock

Back in November when I was signing up for insurance we dropped my medical because David's was cheaper and we were on his as well. Then we hit a monkey wrench and David lost the job at the hospital but the Lord blessed us and had another job already in the wings for us. But we had a major decision to make about our medical insurance. Should we go without medical for a month while we waited for David to pick up insurance with his new company? Or should we pick mine back up? We compared the costs. Since I had signed up for a health FSA and David's insurance is way cheaper than my medical insurance, we decided to take the risk of being without medical insurance for a month. Now David has some medication that he takes everyday but I thought that even without medical insurance we could still pay for it since we had the FSA. I was truly shocked however about how much prescriptions really cost without insurance. One of David's medications last night was $341. WOW!! And that is just for one month. Good thing we have the FSA or else we wouldn't have been able to get this very important medication for David. I also can't wait for February 1st when we have medical insurance again.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Eager Chef

To prevent Kaylee from falling asleep before dinner, I had her help me cook. She loves to help mommy in the kitchen. Well today she was a little too eager to cook. I had left the kitchen and went into to our dining room to get a potholder when I heard Kaylee start to fuss and I heard the downstairs bathroom water running. Kaylee then came into the dining room and was covered from head to toe in a yellowish powdery substance asking me to clean her up. At first I could not figure out what was covering her from head to toe but then I figured it out when I saw the pile of cheddar-potato soup mix on the floor. Since she had made a loop from the kitchen to the bathroom and then to the dining room, she left a trail of cheddar-potato soup mix through the whole bottom part of our house. I cleaned up the pile on the kitchen floor before taking a picture but you can probably imagine what the kitchen floor looked like. Needless to say, I had to have David run to the store to get a new pouch of soup mix.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Apron Swap

You guessed it. I signed up for another apron swap. If any of you are interested in seeing what I am up to, check out the Sugar 'N Spice badge on the side of my blog. It is not too late to sign up and join the swap.

Smelly Situation

Yesterday while I was cleaning, Kaylee found our digital camera and was pretending to take a picture with it. I had totally forgotten that she had it until later that night when I wanted to take a picture and couldn't find the camera. Kaylee was in bed and so I did not get the chance to ask her until today where my camera was. When I asked her, she said diaper trash. Sure enough it was in the diaper pail. (Yes, I braved going into the diaper pail. Luckily there was no diapers in it.) Now that I have my camera back the only problem is that it kind of smells like a diaper. Any suggestions on how to get the diaper stink off of my camera? Kids got to love them!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


After moving the date around a little, Jenny and Shane got married on the 27th of December. We are all very happy for them. No one could be happier than Aurora.

Happy Birthday Naomi

A new year and another year older. It is pretty special to have your birthday start the new year. Naomi turned 5 on the 1st. She had an enjoyable birthday. It started out by shooting off fireworks on New Year's eve and then when we toasted the new year we all wished Naomi a happy birthday. During the day we went to her favorite restaurant (and David's) Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. Her theme was Tinkerbell this year. She received some really great presents and loved all of them. So did Kaylee who tried to help unwrap all of them.


We had an enjoyable Christmas this year. Dan, Mike, and Arielle and their respective spouses came down to Houston this year for Christmas. It was nice to spend time with everyone. Here are some pictures from Christmas morning

Christmas PJ's

I thought this deserved a special post separate from the rest of Christmas events. I decided this year that I wanted the whole family to have matching Christmas PJ's. I think they turned out great. Except for the fact that David and the girls have short legs and their pants are way too long. A special thanks goes to my mom and my sister Arielle for helping me finish the pj's so we could all wear them to bed Christmas Eve. And thanks to David for being a good sport about wearing penguins.

State Champs Again

On December 20th, we donned our red for the last time this football season. This was the day that our football teams dream would be determined. They did awesome again and we are now back to back state champions. I really enjoy working for a high school who has a really outstanding football team. Growing up my high school football teams were never that stellar and so I enjoy watching a team that actually wins some games. I also enjoy watching some of my students acheive their dreams.

My Birthday

Another year and another year older. Thanks to my family for making it special. My parents were great. It was hard but they got a birthday cake that was not Christmas themed. My choices were Tinkerbell and Winnie the Pooh. I opted for Tinkerbell.

Little Cowgirl

Just thought this picture was cute.

No such thing as too many accessories

One Sunday while I was getting ready for church, Naomi entertained herself by accesorizing her outfit. She used every barrette in the hairbow box!! Although it was quite unique I explained that we needed to take them off before we went to church.

High Roller

One of the past times my family likes to do is play games. My dad, Aurora, and a family friend were playing Farkle a dice game. Kaylee thought the game looked interesting and wanted to play with them. Pop-pop was kind enough to let Kaylee be his partner.

Guys Night

Our internet has been acting very strange lately so I have not posted in awhile. Here is some catchup for November/December. The day before Thanksgiving David and Shane went to a Rockets game. I sent the camera with them to take at least one picture so I could scrapbook it. This is what I got. The pictures of the actual game were better!!