Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

... is a miracle. I found out right before Christmas break that one of my students is dying from cancer. This is my second year having this student. I taught him as a sophomore and now as a senior. This student's story is quite sad. It is just him and his mom. I am not sure about everything but I know that he works after school to help support his mom (pay bills, buy food, etc.). Evidently, he has been sick for the last six months but did not want his mom to worry so he kept it from his mom. He also knew they did not have health insurance. During Thanksgiving break, he was rushed to the ER and had emergency surgery where they removed some of the masses. However, the cancer had spread throughout his whole body. The doctors are not expecting my student to make it to January. He has been accepted into one of the top Cancer Hospitals in the nation. He started chemo the end of last week. All of his teachers, including me, are praying for a miracle. Christmas is always a season of miracles. I just pray that whatever happens it will be for the best.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Before I go to bed tonight, I wanted to post one more post. Today's is my mom's birthday. I wanted to take this time to tell my mom how much I love her. She has always been such a big support to me. She is a very talented lady. (Just ask to look at my wedding dress, she made it herself. Including the pattern.) She is so kind and giving. I don't know how many people who would open their home to teenagers after finally becoming empty nesters. She is a terrific grandmother. My girls adore her. And she is my role model. I wish I could be as Christ-like and giving as she is. I know this is an old picture but it is a good one of her and my girls. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

Thanksgiving in AZ part 2

We really enjoyed our trip to Arizona. I am glad that Naomi and I had 3 days off so we could spend 4 quality days in Arizona. We had lots of fun and made some great memories. Some of the fun we had were the girls playing in Grandpa's sandbox. Kaylee making up a interesting way of playing chess. The girls going to Show Low to see all of their cousins. It was their cousin Avery's birthday. She just turned 4. (David and I did not go with them that day. David wanted to rest. And I spent the whole day Saturday grading papers. YUCK!!!) I also got to spend time with my best friend. Too bad, I did not take any pictures of her and I. Shanna, guess I have to come back so we can take some pictures of us. All in all we really enjoyed our time. We left early Sunday morning and drove all day back to Texas. It makes for a long day but our girls are terrific travelers!!! Don't know when we will back that way again. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later!! Here are some pictures of some of our fun:

Kaylee in the sandbox
Naomi in the sandbox
Kaylee playing her interesting version of chess with David
Grandma and the girls with snow in Show Low
Kaylee with Hendrix
Naomi with Hendrix

L to R: Kaylee, Lillian, Avery, and Naomi. (Kaylee, Lillian, and Avery are all 4)

Thanksgiving in AZ

Since the end of August beginning of September, David and I had been tossing back and forth the idea of going to Safford for Thanksgiving. In David's early feel for who was going to be where for Thanksgiving, we learned that David's sister Lecia was going to travel to Safford for Thanksgiving. Since we thought David's parents were going to be at their place for Thanksgiving, we thought we would surprise his family and show up. We were not sure if we could go but finally we decided to just go for it because David really needed to see his family and I needed a break from the stress at home. However, we got a very startling monkey wrench that Monday night when we found out plans had changed and David's parents were traveling up to Lecia's for Thanksgiving. OH NO!!! Now we did not know if we were going after all and the girls and the car were pretty much packed. Long story short, we had to let the cat out of the bag and tell his parents our plans. His parents kindly rearranged their Thanksgiving plans and decided to stay in Safford so we could come out and visit. So Tuesday right after my last class, we headed off to Arizona. David and I switched off driving throughout the night and we got to Safford early Wednesday morning. We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. I made my mom's absolutely scrumptious stuffing. The turkey we brought with us tasted wonderful. (Funny story: David's mom said she would have to buy a turkey. I told her don't worry about it I have a turkey in my freezer outside so we brought it in a cooler with us!!) I made my sweet potato casserole. David's mom made the greenbean casserole. And then of course we had rolls and the relish platter. What a great Thanksgiving!!! And then of course later that night there was the pie.

David helping his Dad stuff the turkey
Sitting down to eat

More eating pictures

Kaylee and her pie (no cool whip for her)

Naomi and her pie (Extra cool whip, please!!!)

Kid Swap

Last night, I was teasing Kaylee and I told her I was going to ship her off to her Aunt Arielle. Right after I said that I got a text from Arielle. The text read "Emmalee would like to be donated to Aunt Katie." I had to laugh that Arielle and I were trying to give each other our children at the same time. Too bad, we live too far apart away from each other that we can't just automatically swap children for a day. Wouldn't it be nice!?!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project Clean-up Arizona

While we were in Arizona, I started to get very congested in my chest. I was talking to my in-laws and I said that the dust in Arizona was getting to me. Kaylee overheard us talking. And she told my mother-in-law that she (grandma) needed to clean-up Arizona so mommy (I) can come back and visit. So Grandma, you better start cleaning up Arizona. P.S. Kaylee says that if you use soap and water, it will clean all of the dust right up!!!