Monday, June 13, 2011

Quotable Kaylee

Kaylee in her new nightgown made by Grandma Braithwaite

Kaylee has said some interesting things the past few weeks.

Quote 1: Kaylee fell down in our entry hall. I asked her if she was okay. Her reply, "I hurt my clap bones!"

Quote 2: "Mommy, it's not fair that Naomi gets to be a teenager before I do!!" (I am so going to be in trouble when she gets older.)

Quote 3: After rotating clothes to the next size for the girls. "Mommy, I hit the jackpot on regular clothes. But Naomi hit the jackpot on swimsuits!!" (This was her argument for going to the store and buying a new swimsuit.)

Summer School

One of the many reasons I went into teaching was that I had the summers off. However, the last two years I have needed to work. Last year, I worked at the zoo which was fun but it was hot and the commute was a bear. So this year, I am trying something new and will be teaching Aquatic Science in summer school. Today was my first day. It was the usual first day today. We were given our class rosters, room keys, etc. And of course the rest of the time was spent getting our classrooms ready. I am extremely blessed and only have 11 students in my class. Tomorrow is my first day with students. I only teach M-Th with Fridays off. I get a short break between semesters (over the 4th of July weekend). And then I will be done the 2nd to last week in July. My summer vacation this year will be the last week in July and the first two weeks in August. I will let you know how things go. Here is crossing my fingers that my 11 students are great students, and I have a blast teaching them!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Swim Lessons

Every summer, I tell David that we need to get the girls swim lessons. And every summer we never get around to it. This year after both girls almost drowned. We decided it was time to stop dragging our feet and get them lessons.

Ok, so now most of you after reading that both girls almost drowned would like the rest of the story. Here is the rest of the story... we were invited to Kaley's (pretty much our surrogate older daughter's) graduation party. The graduation party was a luau theme with swimming for the younger kids in their backyard pool. When I said the girls did not swim, Kaley said it would be no problem since they have a small kid section in the pool. Not really knowing what the kid section would entail, I unfortunately left the water wings at home. The girls were doing pretty well hanging on to the side of the pool or sitting in the shallow kid section. Then Naomi tried to go after a little float not realizing that she was going a little too far, and she started drinking some pool water. We were able to throw her a noodle and she got back to the safe zone. (As a side note, I was dressed up for graduation which I had to get to in a little while. And David was in khakis.) After David dropped me off at graduation, instead of heading home David went back to Kaley's house and the girls continued to play in the pool. Towards the end of graduation, I received two text messages on my phone but could not get them until after graduation ended. After the ceremony finished, I read the texts which were from Kaley. She told me that David's phone did not work because he jumped into the pool fully clothed to rescue Kaylee from drowning. Yes, this time Kaylee got a little to close to the deeper water but instead of drinking a little pool water. She bobbed under a few times. By the time, David met up with me outside the place where graduation was both David and Kaylee were still a little shaky!

Now back to the swim lessons portion of the post. I was able to find someone in our ward who gives swim lessons at another family in our ward's pool. She is only charging me $15 for a half hour lesson for both girls. The girls had their first lesson yesterday and loved it. They will start going on Saturdays. Naomi is already starting to gain confidence in the pool again. Kaylee still likes to cling like a koala to whoever has her but at least she will get in the pool. I will keep you updated throughout the summer on the girls progress with swimming. I am hoping the girls will at least be able to float by themselves by the end of the summer!!

Cheap Entertainment

Sometimes it is the cheapest things, that provide entertainment.

1st grade Wrap-up

Another school year has come to a close, and Naomi has now completed the 1st grade. Naomi had a wonderful year in 1st grade. She loved her teacher Mrs. Bray. It is shame that she is retiring because Kaylee will not have the opportunity to have her. Naomi did her very best in the 1st grade spelling bee but got so nervous after every round she finally sat down mid-way through the spelling bee. However, she is determined to get further next year. At her 1st grade awards ceremony, she received certificates for Homework Hero (she did her homework every day), Outstanding Citizenship Award (she never got a mark on her behavior card), Academic Acheivement (straight A's on her 1st grade report card), and 1st place class spelling bee champion. As you can tell, Naomi truly excelled this year. She is reading on a 4th/5th grade reading level and is still excited about learning. The only thing we are trying to work on with her is that it is okay to not get a 100 on her assignments. (Yes, I know the apple does not fall far from the tree!!! )

Naomi and Mrs. Bray
Naomi at her awards ceremony (I tried to take a picture of her getting her awards but she walked away too fast!!!)

Introducing Bumper

This is a very long overdue post. Here is the story of how Bumper came to our family. All the girls wanted for Christmas this year was a dog!!! Actually, Kaylee also wanted an Ariel salon but did not get it for some very good reasons!! Since we spent Christmas in Illinois with my parents, Santa's helpers went to work finding the perfect dog for us in Illinois. Santa did an awesome job and rescued Bumper from an animal shelter in Southern Illinois. Bumper was a little under the weather and was not ready to be put under the tree for Christmas morning. So instead, Santa put a box under the tree with lots of dog toys, leashes, etc and a personalized card from Bumper to the girls. We actually got to pick him up on Naomi's birthday which is New Year's. Santa's Elves truly found the perfect dog for us. Bumper is a well mannered 3 year old miniature schnauzer, which is the only dog I would even consider having in our home. Since Bumper is older, he was already house trained. He is extremely patient with the girls. The girls absolutely adore him, and he loves them too. In fact, he usually sleeps in one of the girl's beds at night. He even gets quite upset if he gets locked out of the girls' room. David and Bumper have become best buddies. Bumper likes to lay with David on the couch. And yes if David falls asleep on the couch Bumper will choose David over the girls to sleep with. The only flaw that Bumper has according to the girls is that he does not fetch. ;o)

The girls and Bumper the first night

Bumper laying on David's feet (his favorite spot to sleep!)

Bumper after getting groomed

Bumper in one of his many shirts the girls have for him