Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookies in the Nose

Kaylee has been congested for quite awhile now. Tonight I brought her downstairs to try and get some stuff to clear out her nose. Instead of saying I was going to clean the boogers out I said gookies (sp?). When we got downstairs, Kaylee started asking about cookies. I couldn't figure out what she was talking about but she was definitely not having cookies before bedtime. Later as we were laying in her bed, she started sneezing and coughing again. She then informed Naomi and I that she had more cookies in her nose and she needed to get them out. Ah-ha, on comes my light bulb, when I told Kaylee I was going to get the gookies out of her nose she thought I said cookies. Hence why she was asking about the cookies. Poor kid, now she thinks there are cookies in her nose :o)

Sing It Again Sam!!

As part of the girls nightly routine, we play a CD from an LDS singer with primary and other lullaby type songs. Tonight the girls were having trouble falling asleep so I asked them if they would prefer me to sing to them. Of course, they readily agreed to that suggestion. After singing some of their favorite primary songs, Kaylee had a request. She wanted me to sing Ariel's song. I am sure that really does not surprise anyone. After I finished singing "Part of Your World", Kaylee wanted me to sing the drum song. I was clueless as to what that was until she started doing the beat at which point I figured out it was "Under the Sea." I really should have known that. I did pretty fair at singing "Part of Your World" off the top of my head but "Under the Sea" was a different matter. Good thing there is internet. So I printed it off and sang both of the songs to the girls. And then Kaylee kept requesting "Part of Your World". I finally had to stop because my voice was going hoarse.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're like pigs not bears

Last weekend, Naomi and I were out shopping. It was pretty cold and we were on our way home. I was thirsty and was thinking a cold drink might be nice but then hot chocolate would be good too. I asked Naomi which she would prefer and she said she wanted hot chocolate. When I was asked her why, she responded we were like pigs. To me this came as a total shock and so I said What? And then Naomi said we are like pigs not bears. Pigs have skin and bears have fur. So we were like pigs because we have skin not fur. Isn't the logic of a four year old interesting? In a nut shell, she wanted hot chocolate because it was cold outside and we were like pigs not bears and don't have fur to keep us warm!!

After the trial of your faith

On December 2nd, David was pulled into a meeting at his work and was told that if he did not find another position in the hospital he was out of job December 31st. That day was fill the temple for our ward. Even though I felt rotten, we decided that we really needed to go to the temple. The next day he went in for his personal human resources appointment and was told his last day was actually December 19th. This is not the news that you want to hear any time but especially not right before Christmas. David was pretty upbeat about it and started applying for jobs immediately. He applied for 7 jobs that had just opened up at his hospital, a job at MHMRA and a job at Apex Hospital. Two hours after faxing his application to MHMRA, they called him up asking him to interview. He interviewed with his hospital last week and this past Tuesday he interviewed with MHMRA. For me personally, I was struggling with my faith.

Then this past Sunday, I was informed that there was a drip in the upstairs bathroom. During work on Monday, I called the home warranty company and not knowing how bad the drip was said it was not an emergency. When I got home, I went to check in the bathroom and the sheetrock was coming down. Not a good sign. I called the warranty company back and changed the problem to an emergency. I was told that I really needed to turn the water off because the warranty company will not pay for any secondary damage. But by the time I went to be I had not heard from a plumber yet. The next morning, I called the warranty company back up and found out that my work order was picked up and I was given the name of the company. When I called the plumber however they said they could not come out till the following day, Wednesday. I told them that I really needed someone to come out that day because we really needed running water. They suggested I call the warranty company back and try to get another plumber. I called the warranty company back and was told that if I had my job redispatched it might take even longer for a company to come out and I might as well keep the appointment that I had. One of my students overheard my arguing with the company and said that her dad was a plumber and he might be able to help me. Her dad came over later that night and said he couldn't help us our pipes were bascially rotted (we have galvanized pipes). So we went another night without water. The next day the plumber came to take a look at the problem. I was at work so I called home to find out what was going on and I called just as the plumber was telling my dad the bad news. Our claim was denied because our house was not grounded properly. Therefore instead of spending only $55 to fix the problem we had to pay for the whole thing which was $400.00 plus the $55 service call fee. By this point my faith was being really tested. I had a few moments of self pity. At one point my dad said at least I was not Job from the Bible. I still had my family.

David and I spent a good deal of time on our knees and reading our scriptures. We especially focused on Ether 12. If you have not read that chapter in a while, go back and read it. The common theme in there was that the individuals mentioned received their blessings after the trial of their faith. Our faith was definitely being tried.

Our blessing did come. Friday morning, I got a text message from David. MHMRA had called him and he received a job offer. The job pays a lot better than his current job and he will only have to work M-F, no weekends. We have been truly blessed by the Lord. And as Ether 12 says we received this blessing AFTER THE TRIAL OF OUR FAITH. I know that the Lord is ever mindful of David and I and our family. And I am truly thankful for this new door he has opened for us. In fact, if everything goes like we plan it will be a smooth transition from his old job to MHMRA. Now we have to get on our knees and thank the Lord for his blessings.