Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sing It Again Sam!!

As part of the girls nightly routine, we play a CD from an LDS singer with primary and other lullaby type songs. Tonight the girls were having trouble falling asleep so I asked them if they would prefer me to sing to them. Of course, they readily agreed to that suggestion. After singing some of their favorite primary songs, Kaylee had a request. She wanted me to sing Ariel's song. I am sure that really does not surprise anyone. After I finished singing "Part of Your World", Kaylee wanted me to sing the drum song. I was clueless as to what that was until she started doing the beat at which point I figured out it was "Under the Sea." I really should have known that. I did pretty fair at singing "Part of Your World" off the top of my head but "Under the Sea" was a different matter. Good thing there is internet. So I printed it off and sang both of the songs to the girls. And then Kaylee kept requesting "Part of Your World". I finally had to stop because my voice was going hoarse.

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