Thursday, September 23, 2010

Funny Sayings

Kaylee: Her favorite dance move in ballet is the "souffle"

Naomi: On the way home one day, she told us that there are dust "barnacles" floating in the air that can get stuck in our noses

Kaylee: Naomi was getting ready to mail a letter. David went to get some stamps for her. Kaylee did not want to be left out and wanted stamps too. A couple seconds later, Kaylee came back with one of my scrapbooking stamps and said here is my stamp momma.

Kaylee: I came home from work today and Kaylee was in the process of falling asleep on the couch. I picked her up and brought her with me so she could wake up. Kaylee looked at me and told me she was tired and needed her "beauty sleep".

Kaylee: Tonight at dinner, Kaylee commented "looks good baby!" about the lasagna.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bedtime Miracle

My girls have always had difficulty falling asleep. Some said that I just needed a good routine and eventually they would go to sleep at a decent time. However, we had a good routine and they still could not fall asleep. This truly was not a surprise to me because I have the same problem. I have extreme difficulty falling asleep especially during the school year. I don't necessarily suffer from insomnia. Simply my brain just won't shut off. For example: This week I have been suffering from a really bad cold. One would think that being as sick as I am I should have no problem falling asleep. Nope, I was up till 1 am this morning thinking about who knows what but my brain just would not shut off. This past summer the girls stayed with my parents. After the first few weeks of trying to get my girls to bed, my sister-in-law gave my parents something to try. It is an herbal supplement called Nite MGR. And let me tell you it works miracles. My parents used it all summer and told me how easily the girls were going to bed. Since the girls have been home, David and I give it to the girls every night. And it truly is a miracle. The girls are usually asleep between 8/8:30 every evening. What a blessing!!!!! Thank you Mandi and John for telling Mom and Dad about this!!! (Now I am seriously considering taking some myself.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phase Change

The last couple of years, Kaylee has loved the color blue. I don't know if that is because I would put her in blue and Naomi in pink but she loved the color. Over the summer she has changed her preference, she now loves pink. It took me by surprise during one of our phone conversations this summer when I told her I bought something purple for her and pink for Naomi and she started to cry because she wanted the pink one. Everyday this week, she has worn at least one thing pink. Just in case you were wondering, she still loves Little Mermaid!!!