Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am not Superwoman

Warning: Self-pity to follow. Yes, I work outside the home. However, I don't work so that my family can live a life a luxury. I work because I have too. I get comments about how I must be superwoman to have young children at home and work. But I am not. I don't have more energy than most. I can't do more things than an average mom. In fact, because I work I have less time to do everything that stay at home mom's do during the day. Just because I work all day doesn't mean I don't need friends to call and check on me. In fact, I need them more. Even superheros need a friend. And surprisingly enough all superheros have weaknesses. I don't need platitudes from people that this too shall pass. I need someone to actually see me for who I am behind my super-hero cape and realize that just maybe I can't do it all. And just maybe I need someone to take care of me when I have my bad days!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Work Today

Isn't it nice when work is canceled? Today I got up to get ready for work extra early since I needed to bring the girls to day care (my mom is in Utah for the week). It had started raining really hard around 4 this morning. Knowing the flooding history of our part of town I checked my district's website and my street. My street looked a little flooded but it still looked like school was a go. I was brushing my teeth (pretty much ready to go) and David was finishing dressing sleeping girls when we heard on the news that school was delayed two hours. I went to the computer and sure enough it was delayed two hours. How nice!! Then an hour later my district decided to cancel school for the day. Hooray, I love when work gets canceled and I can spend a day with my girls!! Some of my subdivision was still flooded around 8 this morning. Thankfully we did not have as severe flooding as some of the other neighboorhoods in my school district that had so much flooding that they were evacuating families on boats!! Yikes! Well, I am off to have a fun day with my girls.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on Potty Training

I would like to say that Kaylee is potty trained but she is not quite there yet. At least we are making steps in the right direction. Here is a brief synopsis of her steps right now:

  • Step 1: Me, "Kaylee do you want to go potty?" Kaylee screaming, "No I don't want to go potty. It is too scary"
  • Step 2: Me, "Kaylee do you want to go potty?" Kaylee "Okay, I will try. Look I went potty." Big smiles and telling everyone
  • Step 3: Kaylee, "Mommy, I went potty in the toilet." She has gone to the bathroom all by herself without being prompted (has done this twice in the last 3 days)

We are still mostly on step 2 but hey at least she is not screaming anymore. And we have more dry days than wet ones. Haven't mastered pooping in the toilet yet. :o( For those of you potty training moms, here are some things that seem to be working for Kaylee. Everytime she goes she gets a potty prize from the prize bag. (These are tiny little dollar items like bracelets, play-doh or other jewlery.) She loves to get her potty prizes. The other thing we do is as long as she stays dry she can wear pull-ups but if she has a mistake we put her back in a diaper and we stress that she is wearing a baby diaper. She then must earn her pull-up again. At first it did not seem to faze her but now she gets upset when we put her in a baby diaper because she is a big girl not a baby. It seems to be working because she really wants to be a big girl not a baby. And she wants to wear pull-ups.

Kindergarten here we come

Last week, we went to Kindergarten orientation with Naomi. It was basically a little orientation for parents on stuff the Kindergarten teachers want your child to know before they start next year. While the parents were in the meeting, the prospective kindergartners were in another room doing some learning activities to be assessed later by the kindergarten teachers. Poor Naomi was so shy that she broke into tears and did not want Mommy to leave. But eventually I left her and she did fine. (I was an emotional wreck too but more about that later.) Guess we will have to work on the shy factor for when Kindergarten starts in the fall.

You know your sick when...

You have pizza three nights in a row for dinner and are tempted to have it for a fourth night. Either Naomi shared her cold with me or I have really bad allergies but last week I felt so miserable (still do) that I had no energy to make dinner so yes I am a lousy parent and we had pizza three nights in a row. Actually one of those nights it was my parents turn and they did the Sam's Club thing only because I was in a hurry to get to a meeting.