Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am not Superwoman

Warning: Self-pity to follow. Yes, I work outside the home. However, I don't work so that my family can live a life a luxury. I work because I have too. I get comments about how I must be superwoman to have young children at home and work. But I am not. I don't have more energy than most. I can't do more things than an average mom. In fact, because I work I have less time to do everything that stay at home mom's do during the day. Just because I work all day doesn't mean I don't need friends to call and check on me. In fact, I need them more. Even superheros need a friend. And surprisingly enough all superheros have weaknesses. I don't need platitudes from people that this too shall pass. I need someone to actually see me for who I am behind my super-hero cape and realize that just maybe I can't do it all. And just maybe I need someone to take care of me when I have my bad days!

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Erica Huff said...

Oh....what can I do to help you?? I'm sorry that things are rough. I have those crazy days myself, and I don't have to work. Good luck with your crazy schedule. Yes, one day it might pass. But that doesn't make today any easier!