Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on Potty Training

I would like to say that Kaylee is potty trained but she is not quite there yet. At least we are making steps in the right direction. Here is a brief synopsis of her steps right now:

  • Step 1: Me, "Kaylee do you want to go potty?" Kaylee screaming, "No I don't want to go potty. It is too scary"
  • Step 2: Me, "Kaylee do you want to go potty?" Kaylee "Okay, I will try. Look I went potty." Big smiles and telling everyone
  • Step 3: Kaylee, "Mommy, I went potty in the toilet." She has gone to the bathroom all by herself without being prompted (has done this twice in the last 3 days)

We are still mostly on step 2 but hey at least she is not screaming anymore. And we have more dry days than wet ones. Haven't mastered pooping in the toilet yet. :o( For those of you potty training moms, here are some things that seem to be working for Kaylee. Everytime she goes she gets a potty prize from the prize bag. (These are tiny little dollar items like bracelets, play-doh or other jewlery.) She loves to get her potty prizes. The other thing we do is as long as she stays dry she can wear pull-ups but if she has a mistake we put her back in a diaper and we stress that she is wearing a baby diaper. She then must earn her pull-up again. At first it did not seem to faze her but now she gets upset when we put her in a baby diaper because she is a big girl not a baby. It seems to be working because she really wants to be a big girl not a baby. And she wants to wear pull-ups.

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