Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the Mail

My holiday hostess apron is complete and in the mail. My partner wanted an apron that she could wear for more than just Christmas. I saw this fabric in the store and I thought it would be perfect. Here is a picture of the finished product.

Starting Young

As I was finishing up my holiday hostess apron for my partner, Kaylee decided she wanted to help. Since I was just sewing a straight line for the ties, I sat Kaylee on my lap and had her help. She did a pretty good job at "helping" me guide the fabric and removing the pins. When Naomi saw Kaylee helping, she wanted to help too. I definitely have budding seamstresses on my hands.

Kaylee helping me sew

Naomi helping me sew

Payback Time

You know when your younger, your parents curse you at least once that you will have a kid just like you. When I was little, I had an affinity for sticking things up my nose. (What little kid doesn't?) I can remember at least one time as a kid that my parents actually had to bring me to the ER because they couldn't get whatever I stuck up my nose out. I think that was the last time I did that. So today was my payback. I was in the front room doing something when I heard Kaylee tell my dad, "Grandpa I have a bead in my nose." What??? I go into the playroom to check it out and the poor kid is traumatized. She keeps wiping her nose trying to get it out and is very close to tears. My mom and I try to have her sneeze but instead of sneezing she is breathing in. We get the pepper but that is not working. And I start having visions of the ER and flashbacks to mine own object stuck in the nose experience. My mom finds some tweezers and I hold Kaylee down while my mom extracts. Luckily she got it out. And mind you this was not a small bead. After we got the bead out, we asked Kaylee if she was going to do that again and she said no. Somethings you just have to learn the hard way!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day Late

Well, my apron was supposed to be in the mail today but circumstances were not cooperating with me. My carpal tunnel started to act up in my right hand. Arghh! And then you know you should stop sewing when you break two needles one right after the other. But don't worry Shawnee my apron will be in the mail tomorrow. All it needs is the waistband and ties. I personally think it already looks pretty darn cute.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Copy Cat

Last night while I was sewing my apron for my apron swap, Kaylee stole my tape measure. She then put it around her neck and said, "look, I grandma." Isn't it funny how kids pick up on the littlest things? (P.S. When grandma sews, she always wears her tape measure around her neck!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toddler Language

When Kaylee was first learning to talk, it was hard to understand her. She is getting better about pronouncing her words even though sometimes if she can't pronounce a word correctly she mumbles and then continues. There are two words however that Kaylee constantly says wrong. We try and correct her but she still insists on saying them her preferred way. For instance Kaylee is not naked she is "baked". When she wants a bath, she will come up and say she wants to get baked. If we are not fast enough getting her into the tub, she will run around the house chanting baked, baked, baked. The other funny word is when you ask her if she is wet. Kaylee will say, "No I not wet, I drive". We have tried to correct her and have her say dry but she insists that she drive. Oh boy, is she going to be a handful when she turns 16.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom

Reason One: During Naomi's prayers tonight, Naomi blessed me that I would not forget to wake her up tomorrow morning and give her a hug and kiss before I left for work. And then she asked Heavenly Father to help me so I would not miss her too much while I was working.

Reason Two: As I was valiantly trying to get Kaylee to fall asleep tonight. She kept giving me hugs and saying I love you. I would say I love you too now shh go to sleep. And she would go but I love you. (P.S. she is still up 2 1/2 hours later.)

Dyed in the wool True Green Celtics Fan

On November 4th, David and I went to the Rockets/Celtics game at the Toyota Center. (Thanks Shane for the awesome birthday present for David.) David was totally pumped up to see his favorite team play live at the Toyota Center even if he would be cheering against the home team. And of course David could not pass up the chance of dressing up in his Celtics gear. To balance it out, I wore David's T-Mac jersey. We really enjoyed the game. It was pretty close a time or two but at the end the Celtic's won 103-99. Poor David, he did not want to cheer too loud because he was surrounded by a sea of red. The first picture is of Kevin Garnet shooting a free throw. The other picture is of David but it did not turn out that well.

Logic of a Four-Year Old

A week ago, I mentioned something about how we weren't going to have much for Christmas this year because money was tight. Well, Naomi overheard and said Mommy you don't have to worry about the Littlest Pet Shop Set that I want, I put that on Santa's list and he is going to get it for me. Oh, the sweet innocence of childhood. Okay Santa, Naomi is expecting that Littlest Pet Shop tree house I hope you can get it for her.

Too Busy to Use the Toilet

I know the title is kind of weird but it fits.
Question: What do you do with a two year old that will only sit on the toilet for two seconds, before she wipes, and flushes? (And no there is nothing in the toilet after two seconds!!)
Answer: I have no clue! That is why I am asking the question.

I have been trying to potty train Kaylee for awhile now. I am not as diligent as I should be with it but I have been truly busy with school and don't think it is fair to ask my mom to potty train her. (After all she has potty trained 6 of her own.) Anyway, I have been working with Kaylee and she has the routine down but does not want to do it herself. She knows that you sit on the toilet for awhile, wipe with toilet paper, flush, and then wash hands. (She instructs everyone on this.) But my big problem is that she will only sit on the toilet for maybe two seconds before she wants to wipe and flush and wash her hands. I have actually gotten her to pee once in the toilet but that was because I had her reading a book. (Is that where bathroom readers got their start?) In my humble opinion I really think that Kaylee thinks peeing on the go is more convenient than sitting on the toilet. Kaylee is my on the go girl and constantly active. The only time she is in the same place for more than two minutes is when she is watching Ariel. Hmm, maybe I should move the toilet in front of the tv and have her watch Ariel while sitting on the potty. If anyone has any good suggestions to my dilemma, I would love to hear them.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cookie Monster

Kaylee munching a cookie and modeling her new matching apron

Today I made oatmeal cookies with the girls. (We got to use our new matching aprons for the first time.) After they came out of the oven, I left for about an hour to go to a visiting teaching interview. When I came home, the cookies that I had placed on the cooling rack were all gone. I asked David and he said don't look at me I only had two. We started doing the math. I ate one, David ate two, and Naomi ate two. This meant that Kaylee had helped herself to SEVEN cookies. And she wanted another one. Hmm, someone is turning into the cookie monster.

Halloween Party

Our ward had a Halloween Party at the church last night. The girls really enjoyed themselves. They had a chili cook-off and then they had carnival games for the kids to do until it got dark. Once it got dark we had trunk-or-treating in the parking lot. Kaylee's favorites were the duck pond (although throwing the ducks back into the pond was more exciting than actually getting a prize) and of course trunk or treating. Naomi's favorite activity was the cake walk. We did not get any pictures of the girls trunk or treating because I had the camera and I was too busy chasing Kaylee around the parking lot that I did not have time to even hand the camera to David. So sorry Grandma no pictures of the actually trunk or treating. :o(
Kaylee and the duck pond
Naomi and her cupcake from the cake walk