Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toddler Language

When Kaylee was first learning to talk, it was hard to understand her. She is getting better about pronouncing her words even though sometimes if she can't pronounce a word correctly she mumbles and then continues. There are two words however that Kaylee constantly says wrong. We try and correct her but she still insists on saying them her preferred way. For instance Kaylee is not naked she is "baked". When she wants a bath, she will come up and say she wants to get baked. If we are not fast enough getting her into the tub, she will run around the house chanting baked, baked, baked. The other funny word is when you ask her if she is wet. Kaylee will say, "No I not wet, I drive". We have tried to correct her and have her say dry but she insists that she drive. Oh boy, is she going to be a handful when she turns 16.

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