Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dyed in the wool True Green Celtics Fan

On November 4th, David and I went to the Rockets/Celtics game at the Toyota Center. (Thanks Shane for the awesome birthday present for David.) David was totally pumped up to see his favorite team play live at the Toyota Center even if he would be cheering against the home team. And of course David could not pass up the chance of dressing up in his Celtics gear. To balance it out, I wore David's T-Mac jersey. We really enjoyed the game. It was pretty close a time or two but at the end the Celtic's won 103-99. Poor David, he did not want to cheer too loud because he was surrounded by a sea of red. The first picture is of Kevin Garnet shooting a free throw. The other picture is of David but it did not turn out that well.

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