Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too Busy to Use the Toilet

I know the title is kind of weird but it fits.
Question: What do you do with a two year old that will only sit on the toilet for two seconds, before she wipes, and flushes? (And no there is nothing in the toilet after two seconds!!)
Answer: I have no clue! That is why I am asking the question.

I have been trying to potty train Kaylee for awhile now. I am not as diligent as I should be with it but I have been truly busy with school and don't think it is fair to ask my mom to potty train her. (After all she has potty trained 6 of her own.) Anyway, I have been working with Kaylee and she has the routine down but does not want to do it herself. She knows that you sit on the toilet for awhile, wipe with toilet paper, flush, and then wash hands. (She instructs everyone on this.) But my big problem is that she will only sit on the toilet for maybe two seconds before she wants to wipe and flush and wash her hands. I have actually gotten her to pee once in the toilet but that was because I had her reading a book. (Is that where bathroom readers got their start?) In my humble opinion I really think that Kaylee thinks peeing on the go is more convenient than sitting on the toilet. Kaylee is my on the go girl and constantly active. The only time she is in the same place for more than two minutes is when she is watching Ariel. Hmm, maybe I should move the toilet in front of the tv and have her watch Ariel while sitting on the potty. If anyone has any good suggestions to my dilemma, I would love to hear them.

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