Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Day Off = Trip to the Zoo

Last Friday, Naomi and I had the day off of school. Since we have a zoo membership, we headed to the zoo early Friday morning. We did not leave as soon as I would like so we had a hike from our parking spots. But we still enjoyed ourselves. The girls and I brought along Kaley (our babysitter) and Isaac (one of the boys from my church class). I don't know if it is because I have no sons or just Isaac but he has a special place in my heart. Here are few pictures of our day at the zoo:

Kaylee on carousel
Naomi on the carousel

The girls and Isaac by the giraffe

The girls and Isaac by another statue

I love the elephants especially the two babies (Baylor and Tupelo)

Kaylee always has to get a picture with this elephant statue!!

Field Trip to Galveston

Every year in April sometime, I bring my Aquatic Science classes to Galveston. This year because of increased class sizes, I went 3 times. I was short a chaperone one day so I dragged David along with me. And of course if David and I went, the girls had to come too!!! Naomi was so excited. She did everything the big kids did including filling out the field trip information and specimen records sheets. Kaylee just enjoyed all the attention from the teenagers. She also enjoyed helping find things and playing in the water. When Naomi returned to school the next day, she gave an oral report of the trip with pictures to her class. Her teacher and class LOVED it!! On a side note, her teacher did not even mark her absent! ;o) Here are the pictures that I took of the girls down there! There are plenty more on my student's cameras. My girls were definitely a hit. In fact, I had lots of babysitting offers after this!

Naomi with a marsh periwinkle snail
Kaylee with her periwinkle snail

Naomi shuffling her feet to help scare up animals into the seine net

Kaylee having a ball

Kaylee heading off on her own little adventure!!

Kaylee is Learning Math

Kaylee has always been and probably will always be my free spirit. She is becoming really head strong and has a problem listening especially to David. Last night David put Kaylee in a 5 minute time out for not listening. Once she got out, she was still not listening so she went back in for another 2 minutes. A little while after she got out, she said came to me and said, "Mommy, I was in time out for 7 minutes. Because I was in for 5 minutes and then for 2 more." My teacher friends all got a kick out of my daughter learning math from time outs. They were joking with me when she goes to kindergarten next year, and she is asked how she learned to add she will tell them she was in time out a lot!!