Friday, April 23, 2010

You Ate What...

Yesterday I sent the girls and Aurora outside to get in the car so I could go pick up Jenny. When I got outside, the girls quickly ran from the front bushes to the car. I noticed that all the girls were chewing something. I started to panic because our bushes have holly berries on them. I told the girls that what they were eating was poisonous and they could get very sick. Aurora said she knows all about plants and no they are not. I told her that the berries are extremely poisonous. At which point she told me that they were not eating the berries but some flowers. This made me panic even more because I had no clue what flower they were eating. I told Aurora to get in the car since she is in the middle and then had Naomi show me what they were eating. Poor Naomi was already starting to worry and said her stomach was starting to hurt. And to top it off she could not remember the flowers that they ate. At this point, I was already running late to pick up Jenny so I got her in the car and headed to get Jenny. I called Jenny on the way and told her what had happened and that she needed to come back to my house so Aurora could show me the flower. We got back to my house and we identified the flower as probably belonging to a clover and as far as we could tell it was not poisonous. The funny/interesting thing about all of this was the different reactions of the three girls. Aurora the whole time was professing that the flower was not poisonous. Naomi was in tears and thought yesterday was her last day on Earth and that she was going to die. And then there was Kaylee who was pretty much oblivious and could care less about the whole situation. Needless to say both older girls now know that they should not eat anything in nature without asking an adult first!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kindergarten Program

Naomi's school had their Kindergarten program this past Tuesday on April 20th. The program was called a parachute program. I had borrowed some flipcameras from the technology department of our district to use with my students in Galveston that day. Since I had a flipcamera, I was able to video her program. Here is some video clips of her program for her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Hope everyone else enjoys them too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I can do it myself...

Kaylee has become quite independent at the age of 3 1/2. If she is hungry, she will just help herself to a snack. Last night, Kaylee must have been hungry and since everyone was asleep she helped herself to a midnight snack. This morning I could tell she made herself a snack because there was a bag of hot dog buns and an opened jar of strawberry jelly on the breakfast table. I was puzzled when I found a wet towel in the sink with jelly all over it and a washcloth also with jelly on it. The floor right in front of the fridge was also sticky. Something had happened but I did not know what. Then Naomi complained that she stepped on some glass right about the time that I also stepped on some glass. By this time, I was really puzzled and decided to look in the trash cupboard. And there in the trashcan was a broken jar of grape jelly. Kaylee must have broken the first jelly jar on the floor. And instead of telling anyone decided to clean it up all on her own. And did a pretty good job of it for a 3 year old. I am just surprised she did not cut herself. What am I going to do with her when she is older if she is already this independent now?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Miracles really do happen!! After trial and error and four medication changes, the doctor finally found the medication combination that works. David was given a new drug last Wednesday the 31st called Geodon. In just one day, the medicine had started to work. On Friday, the nurses commented on the dramatic difference they saw in him. I went to see him that day and I could tell he had improved. He has steadily improved since then. When I talked to his doctor yesterday, the doctor said David was ready to come home. So yes a miracle has happened and David is now home!!! I am so thankful that the doctor was able to find the right combination and I finally have my husband back. I am also very thankful for Heavenly Father. I truly know that His hand has been in all of this. I know He was with David as David struggled through his illness and his alternate reality. He was with the doctor as the doctor tried to find the right combination to bring David back to reality. And He was definitely with me and provided me the strength and comfort to survive this very difficult time. I also want to thank everyone in my ward and many of my friends for the help they gave to me during this time and for their prayers. I also want to thank both of our families for their words of encouragement. I know it was hard on both sets of parents that they could not be here to help during this time but their words of encouragement, prayers, and fasting was wonderful. I know David is still on the road to recovery but I am hoping and praying that we will have another good 7 years before another episode occurs.

Things that drive me crazy...

EASTER GRASS!!!! (Need I say more)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just for Grins...

Naomi reminds me not to forget to give her her asteroid medicine. :o) (In case you were wondering, she means the steroids for the ant bites.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!

The girls and I enjoyed Easter this year. The Easter bunny brought some really neat stuff for the girls. The girls had an egg hunt in the house which they liked. Jenny, Shane, and Aurora came over for dinner that evening. The only thing missing was David. The girls and I sure did miss him. Hopefully, he will be home soon.

The girls and their baskets
Naomi hunting for easter eggs

Kaylee hunting for eggs

Naomi's eggs
Kaylee's eggs (poor girl her basket broke and she was losing them as fast as she was putting them in her basket!)

Looking for Bluebonnets

Saturday afternoon, the girls and I headed to Brenham to find bluebonnets. Our first stop we found a field of yellow flowers. Our second one, pretty much ended our hunt for bluebonnets. I placed poor Naomi right on top of a fire ant hill. OUCH!!! We made one more stop and took a few pictures by the flowers at Bluebelle and then headed home. Poor Naomi. (As a side note, the fire ant bites were so bad that I spent last night and this morning till 2am in the ER having them looked at. They gave Naomi some steroids and they seem to be doing a little better.)
Field of yellow flowers
Can you see that she is in pain?

How cute!!!

Dying Easter Eggs

Even without David, we still tried to make Easter fun this year. Here are a few pics of the girls and our egg dying adventure.

Kaylee and her eggs

Naomi posing with her eggs

Life Lesson

Naomi learned the hard way, why you don't make a necklace out of silly putty!!! Even though, peanut butter did work for the most part we still decided to.... (see below)!

Silly putty in the hair
Peanut butter in the hair to take out the silly putty

New hair cut!! Totally cute!!!!