Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Miracles really do happen!! After trial and error and four medication changes, the doctor finally found the medication combination that works. David was given a new drug last Wednesday the 31st called Geodon. In just one day, the medicine had started to work. On Friday, the nurses commented on the dramatic difference they saw in him. I went to see him that day and I could tell he had improved. He has steadily improved since then. When I talked to his doctor yesterday, the doctor said David was ready to come home. So yes a miracle has happened and David is now home!!! I am so thankful that the doctor was able to find the right combination and I finally have my husband back. I am also very thankful for Heavenly Father. I truly know that His hand has been in all of this. I know He was with David as David struggled through his illness and his alternate reality. He was with the doctor as the doctor tried to find the right combination to bring David back to reality. And He was definitely with me and provided me the strength and comfort to survive this very difficult time. I also want to thank everyone in my ward and many of my friends for the help they gave to me during this time and for their prayers. I also want to thank both of our families for their words of encouragement. I know it was hard on both sets of parents that they could not be here to help during this time but their words of encouragement, prayers, and fasting was wonderful. I know David is still on the road to recovery but I am hoping and praying that we will have another good 7 years before another episode occurs.


Jen said...

Yea! I'm glad David's doing better! Congrats on getting your husband back!

Mike and Julie said...

Yay! Pretty pathetic I find out through a blog....thanks to my hubby ;)

Erica Huff said...

Hooray! So glad they found something that works and especially that he is back home!