Friday, April 23, 2010

You Ate What...

Yesterday I sent the girls and Aurora outside to get in the car so I could go pick up Jenny. When I got outside, the girls quickly ran from the front bushes to the car. I noticed that all the girls were chewing something. I started to panic because our bushes have holly berries on them. I told the girls that what they were eating was poisonous and they could get very sick. Aurora said she knows all about plants and no they are not. I told her that the berries are extremely poisonous. At which point she told me that they were not eating the berries but some flowers. This made me panic even more because I had no clue what flower they were eating. I told Aurora to get in the car since she is in the middle and then had Naomi show me what they were eating. Poor Naomi was already starting to worry and said her stomach was starting to hurt. And to top it off she could not remember the flowers that they ate. At this point, I was already running late to pick up Jenny so I got her in the car and headed to get Jenny. I called Jenny on the way and told her what had happened and that she needed to come back to my house so Aurora could show me the flower. We got back to my house and we identified the flower as probably belonging to a clover and as far as we could tell it was not poisonous. The funny/interesting thing about all of this was the different reactions of the three girls. Aurora the whole time was professing that the flower was not poisonous. Naomi was in tears and thought yesterday was her last day on Earth and that she was going to die. And then there was Kaylee who was pretty much oblivious and could care less about the whole situation. Needless to say both older girls now know that they should not eat anything in nature without asking an adult first!!!!

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