Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Fair

Why is it that good teachers get punished and bad teachers get rewarded??? All this year, there has been a constant issue with the other teacher who was assigned to teach Aquatics with me. I don't know if it is lack of ability to relate to teenagers or poor teaching style. But the majority of the students that have her as a teacher do not like her. There has been constant complaints by students and parents alike to the adminstration about this. This really should not be my problem but it has become my problem because if the parents complain so much the student will get transferred to my class. At this point, we both teach the same amount of classes but I teach 43 more students than she does. Her biggest class is the same size as my smallest class. And she has 3 classes that only have 15 students. In conclusion, to get back to my title and my opening sentence I feel like I am being punished by being a better teacher. And the unfairness of it all comes to play right now as I am grading. Because 43 more students times each assignment we have to do is exponentially more papers to grade. Ok, now that I got this ranting done back to grades I go.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Give Up

Sometimes computers are wonderful. Then there are other days when you just want to do the above. Tonight is one of those nights. First blogger would not let me upload the girls cute dance videos. Now I am trying to diligently get my grades done before the last minute but of course the server for my gradebook is acting up and won't let me input grades. ARGHH!!! Just goes to show you sometimes it doesn't pay to try and be efficient.

Christmas Dance Recital

The girls started taking dance lessons an hour a week back in September from a sister in our stake in her home. Naomi goes afterschool one day a week. And Kaylee goes during the day on Friday. Both girls learn a little ballet and tap. They both really enjoy dance and love their teacher. In December, each girl had a mini-recital during their last dance class that month. I really wanted to get a video of the girls dancing since neither of our parents live close enough to come watch. So I asked my friend if I could borrow her flip camera. My plan was for me to use the flip for video and David to use the digital for pictures. The plan worked perfectly for Naomi but somehow when it was Kaylee's day the flip camera's batteries were dead. Needless to say, I had to use our old digital to take video clips of Kaylee. Therefore, the video clips are not the greatest and I have very few pictures. Lesson learned: next time bring extra batteries (check to make sure equipment is charged). Here is a picture of Naomi and short video of Kaylee. (Blogger was not being really nice to me and I couldn't upload any longer clips. ARRGH!!! I will try uploading from school some other time.)