Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not Fair

Why is it that good teachers get punished and bad teachers get rewarded??? All this year, there has been a constant issue with the other teacher who was assigned to teach Aquatics with me. I don't know if it is lack of ability to relate to teenagers or poor teaching style. But the majority of the students that have her as a teacher do not like her. There has been constant complaints by students and parents alike to the adminstration about this. This really should not be my problem but it has become my problem because if the parents complain so much the student will get transferred to my class. At this point, we both teach the same amount of classes but I teach 43 more students than she does. Her biggest class is the same size as my smallest class. And she has 3 classes that only have 15 students. In conclusion, to get back to my title and my opening sentence I feel like I am being punished by being a better teacher. And the unfairness of it all comes to play right now as I am grading. Because 43 more students times each assignment we have to do is exponentially more papers to grade. Ok, now that I got this ranting done back to grades I go.

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