Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh, bother...

Today was an Eeyore kind of day. It all started off when I decided Naomi needed milk to drink this morning. When we got to my school, Naomi had placed the milk jug in the side pouch of her backpack and then laid it by my desk. Little did she know the lid was not on tight enough and so we ended up with milk spilling all over my floor and her backpack. So I had to rush to find a new bag of some sort for school. Luckily one of my good friends (the librarian) had a reusable bag for us to use. Once I obtained the new bag I hurried and moved her essentials to it. We just barely made her bus. Needless to say I started my 1st period of the day just a tad flustered. Things started to smooth out a little until my phone rang towards the end of 1st. I noticed via my email that it was the main number for Naomi's elementary school, which definitely could not be good. When I listened to the voicemail, I found out that in my haste to move things to the temporary bag I forgot to put in her homework. For most children this would not be a problem but for Naomi this was a crisis. To add insult to injury Naomi was doing video announcements this morning and I knew she was red faced and tear streaked. Luckily I can think on my feet and realized I could use the copier in the library and scan her homework to email and then email her homework to her teacher. So I called her teacher left a message and then called the front office. The front office ladies were wonderful and said they would tell Naomi right then. Whew diaster diverted. It would have be nice if my day had gotten better after this but alas things definitely got worse. At the end of my 2nd period, I tripped on my own feet (yes it happens) and one of my shoes broke. Argh!! I wish I could say I had a spare pair of shoes in my room but nope I do not. I even brought my rain boots home a couple weeks ago so I did not even have those. Therefore, I taught the rest of the day shoeless on hard concrete floor. Can you say aching feet? At this point, all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed. Too bad, I had to drive downtown for an interview at the zoo. Just got home a little before 9. I am ready to put this day behind me!!!!

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