Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Work Today

Isn't it nice when work is canceled? Today I got up to get ready for work extra early since I needed to bring the girls to day care (my mom is in Utah for the week). It had started raining really hard around 4 this morning. Knowing the flooding history of our part of town I checked my district's website and my street. My street looked a little flooded but it still looked like school was a go. I was brushing my teeth (pretty much ready to go) and David was finishing dressing sleeping girls when we heard on the news that school was delayed two hours. I went to the computer and sure enough it was delayed two hours. How nice!! Then an hour later my district decided to cancel school for the day. Hooray, I love when work gets canceled and I can spend a day with my girls!! Some of my subdivision was still flooded around 8 this morning. Thankfully we did not have as severe flooding as some of the other neighboorhoods in my school district that had so much flooding that they were evacuating families on boats!! Yikes! Well, I am off to have a fun day with my girls.

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Erica Huff said...

What a fun surprise for you! I hope you had a wonderful day with your angels.