Saturday, May 2, 2009

When it Rains it Pours!

I know there needs to be opposition in all things. But seriously do I (we) need this much. Here is my list of trials/opposition that we have had these past couple weeks:
1. Brake lights on our saturn when out. Brought it in and decided to have the coolant problem fixed. Our slight coolant problem turned into major coolant problem. Out of car all this past week had to get a rental.
2. Parents out of town had to find alternative day care. (Day care was fine but just had to pay a lot for it.) Parents should have been back this weekend but transmission on Dad's van went out. Repairs will take about a week.
3. Went to pick up Saturn from dealership today and Mom's car tire decided to shear right off in the Saturn parking lot. (Back down to one care again.)
4. Watching tow truck unload car back at our house. Wasn't watching where I was standing stood in a fire-ant pile. Now have 20 bites on one foot.
5. David continues to have difficulty with his job.
And these are just the top five. Guess I have some major blessings coming my way.

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The Hunsakers said...

So sorry everything is so tought lately. My prayers are with you.