Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Beds

Kaylee and Naomi having been sharing Naomi's twin bed since Kaylee was 2. It has gotten quite crowded in the twin bed especially when David or I are in there cuddling with them. We have been talking for a few months about getting a bed for Kaylee. This past week we finally got one for her. We were out shopping for birthday presents for Kaylee and we found a Little Mermaid toddler bed sheet set complete with comforter. It was on clearance and I could not pass it up. After all it was perfect for Kaylee. And since we bought the bed set, she now needed a bed to go with it. We set up her new bed with Ariel sheets on her birthday. And gave it to her for her big present. She absolutely loved it. I would like to say that it is easier getting her to go to sleep at night but that is still a work in progress. But she does get into bed easier. (P.S. So Naomi did not feel left out, we gave her the Tink quilt I had bought on clearance two months ago and was saving for Christmas. She already had the sheets so this was something she had been wanting.)
Kaylee's new bed
Kaylee enjoying her new bed

Naomi's new quilt

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