Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birthday Girl

Last week on the 12th, Kaylee turned 3. Since my parents were still stuck up in Utah, we did not have her birthday party until this past Sunday. She was excited to finally open her presents. The bed was okay but she really couldn't play with her bed. This year Kaylee requested an Ariel birthday party again. And to go with the theme Kaylee got pretty much all Little Mermaid presents. Her favorite by far was the singing Ariel card that Grandma and Pop-pop gave her. The runner up was the Ariel jewelry set David and I gave her. The shell necklace does the "ah-ah-ah" from the movie. She was quite entertained alternately opening the card having it sing and then pushing the button on the necklace.

I really like this picture of the two girls

Blowing out the candles

What a pretty princess!!

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