Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pack Rat

Kaylee's toys in Pop-pop's printer cabinet
Kaylee likes to put her toys in "safe" places. She loves to stuff her toys in the bookshelf, in the back of Mr. Potato Head, or in Pop-pop's printer cabinet to name a few. Occassionally she likes to "trade-up" her toys for something cool of Pop-pop's. For awhile there if Pop-pop found a Kaylee toy in his room (usually his sock drawer), he knew that Kaylee had taken something but he did not know what. This past Sunday, against my better judgement I allowed Kaylee to bring her two mermaids into nursery with her. When I went to pick her up, she only had one. I asked Kaylee where her other mermaid was and she said she couldn't remember. The nursery leaders started looking in the toy closet but couldn't find it. Then Kaylee said something about Mr. Potato Head. I asked to see the Mr. Potato Head even though they had already looked in the box. But they had not looked in the back of him. Sure enough Kaylee had stuffed her mermaid in the back of Mr. Potato Head. I love Kaylee. She is always good for a laugh!

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