Friday, June 10, 2011

Introducing Bumper

This is a very long overdue post. Here is the story of how Bumper came to our family. All the girls wanted for Christmas this year was a dog!!! Actually, Kaylee also wanted an Ariel salon but did not get it for some very good reasons!! Since we spent Christmas in Illinois with my parents, Santa's helpers went to work finding the perfect dog for us in Illinois. Santa did an awesome job and rescued Bumper from an animal shelter in Southern Illinois. Bumper was a little under the weather and was not ready to be put under the tree for Christmas morning. So instead, Santa put a box under the tree with lots of dog toys, leashes, etc and a personalized card from Bumper to the girls. We actually got to pick him up on Naomi's birthday which is New Year's. Santa's Elves truly found the perfect dog for us. Bumper is a well mannered 3 year old miniature schnauzer, which is the only dog I would even consider having in our home. Since Bumper is older, he was already house trained. He is extremely patient with the girls. The girls absolutely adore him, and he loves them too. In fact, he usually sleeps in one of the girl's beds at night. He even gets quite upset if he gets locked out of the girls' room. David and Bumper have become best buddies. Bumper likes to lay with David on the couch. And yes if David falls asleep on the couch Bumper will choose David over the girls to sleep with. The only flaw that Bumper has according to the girls is that he does not fetch. ;o)

The girls and Bumper the first night

Bumper laying on David's feet (his favorite spot to sleep!)

Bumper after getting groomed

Bumper in one of his many shirts the girls have for him

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