Friday, June 10, 2011

1st grade Wrap-up

Another school year has come to a close, and Naomi has now completed the 1st grade. Naomi had a wonderful year in 1st grade. She loved her teacher Mrs. Bray. It is shame that she is retiring because Kaylee will not have the opportunity to have her. Naomi did her very best in the 1st grade spelling bee but got so nervous after every round she finally sat down mid-way through the spelling bee. However, she is determined to get further next year. At her 1st grade awards ceremony, she received certificates for Homework Hero (she did her homework every day), Outstanding Citizenship Award (she never got a mark on her behavior card), Academic Acheivement (straight A's on her 1st grade report card), and 1st place class spelling bee champion. As you can tell, Naomi truly excelled this year. She is reading on a 4th/5th grade reading level and is still excited about learning. The only thing we are trying to work on with her is that it is okay to not get a 100 on her assignments. (Yes, I know the apple does not fall far from the tree!!! )

Naomi and Mrs. Bray
Naomi at her awards ceremony (I tried to take a picture of her getting her awards but she walked away too fast!!!)

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