Monday, June 13, 2011

Quotable Kaylee

Kaylee in her new nightgown made by Grandma Braithwaite

Kaylee has said some interesting things the past few weeks.

Quote 1: Kaylee fell down in our entry hall. I asked her if she was okay. Her reply, "I hurt my clap bones!"

Quote 2: "Mommy, it's not fair that Naomi gets to be a teenager before I do!!" (I am so going to be in trouble when she gets older.)

Quote 3: After rotating clothes to the next size for the girls. "Mommy, I hit the jackpot on regular clothes. But Naomi hit the jackpot on swimsuits!!" (This was her argument for going to the store and buying a new swimsuit.)

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Kim and Darren said...

Just caught up on june's posts. Cool looking dog! Scary story about the pool but great that they are getting the lessons. Tell Naomi i'm really proud of her great year in school. Love Kaylee's quotes and good luck to you in summer school. Love Uncle Darren