Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving in AZ

Since the end of August beginning of September, David and I had been tossing back and forth the idea of going to Safford for Thanksgiving. In David's early feel for who was going to be where for Thanksgiving, we learned that David's sister Lecia was going to travel to Safford for Thanksgiving. Since we thought David's parents were going to be at their place for Thanksgiving, we thought we would surprise his family and show up. We were not sure if we could go but finally we decided to just go for it because David really needed to see his family and I needed a break from the stress at home. However, we got a very startling monkey wrench that Monday night when we found out plans had changed and David's parents were traveling up to Lecia's for Thanksgiving. OH NO!!! Now we did not know if we were going after all and the girls and the car were pretty much packed. Long story short, we had to let the cat out of the bag and tell his parents our plans. His parents kindly rearranged their Thanksgiving plans and decided to stay in Safford so we could come out and visit. So Tuesday right after my last class, we headed off to Arizona. David and I switched off driving throughout the night and we got to Safford early Wednesday morning. We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. I made my mom's absolutely scrumptious stuffing. The turkey we brought with us tasted wonderful. (Funny story: David's mom said she would have to buy a turkey. I told her don't worry about it I have a turkey in my freezer outside so we brought it in a cooler with us!!) I made my sweet potato casserole. David's mom made the greenbean casserole. And then of course we had rolls and the relish platter. What a great Thanksgiving!!! And then of course later that night there was the pie.

David helping his Dad stuff the turkey
Sitting down to eat

More eating pictures

Kaylee and her pie (no cool whip for her)

Naomi and her pie (Extra cool whip, please!!!)

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