Monday, January 5, 2009

Eager Chef

To prevent Kaylee from falling asleep before dinner, I had her help me cook. She loves to help mommy in the kitchen. Well today she was a little too eager to cook. I had left the kitchen and went into to our dining room to get a potholder when I heard Kaylee start to fuss and I heard the downstairs bathroom water running. Kaylee then came into the dining room and was covered from head to toe in a yellowish powdery substance asking me to clean her up. At first I could not figure out what was covering her from head to toe but then I figured it out when I saw the pile of cheddar-potato soup mix on the floor. Since she had made a loop from the kitchen to the bathroom and then to the dining room, she left a trail of cheddar-potato soup mix through the whole bottom part of our house. I cleaned up the pile on the kitchen floor before taking a picture but you can probably imagine what the kitchen floor looked like. Needless to say, I had to have David run to the store to get a new pouch of soup mix.

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