Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sticker Shock

Back in November when I was signing up for insurance we dropped my medical because David's was cheaper and we were on his as well. Then we hit a monkey wrench and David lost the job at the hospital but the Lord blessed us and had another job already in the wings for us. But we had a major decision to make about our medical insurance. Should we go without medical for a month while we waited for David to pick up insurance with his new company? Or should we pick mine back up? We compared the costs. Since I had signed up for a health FSA and David's insurance is way cheaper than my medical insurance, we decided to take the risk of being without medical insurance for a month. Now David has some medication that he takes everyday but I thought that even without medical insurance we could still pay for it since we had the FSA. I was truly shocked however about how much prescriptions really cost without insurance. One of David's medications last night was $341. WOW!! And that is just for one month. Good thing we have the FSA or else we wouldn't have been able to get this very important medication for David. I also can't wait for February 1st when we have medical insurance again.

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