Monday, January 19, 2009

My Kaylee What a Small Tub You Have!!

David was doing the dishes last night and he put some soapy water in the crock pot to have it soak. He brought it into the dining room where Kaylee was. As soon as he brought it in, Kaylee said, "bubbles". A little bit later we heard Kaylee say, "I want to get baked (aka naked)". I was stumped as to why all of sudden she wanted to get undressed. And then I heard, "put some of this in the bathtub." Aha, Kaylee thought that the crock pot had bubble bath in it. The next thing we knew Kaylee was on the table trying to get into the crock pot for her bubble bath!!! This kid constantly makes me smile. P.S. Yes she got a bubble bath last night in the big tub not in the crock pot.

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