Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost No More

Being from such a small town in Arizona, David tends to get lost here in Houston. For David's new job he has to drive to clients homes all around Houston. We had discussed buying a GPS for David so he can find his clients homes. This morning sealed David's case for getting a GPS. Around 9 o'clock this morning I got a voicemail from David saying he was lost and could not find the clinic he was supposed to go to for more training today. By this time he was already a half hour late. Since I was in the middle of teaching, I couldn't help him and had him call my dad. Dad was over in that area so he helped David find the clinic. (Thanks Dad!) Getting a GPS now was not a maybe but a necessity. Tonight after dinner we went to Sam's and bought David a top of the line GPS so he will be lost no more. An added feature of the GPS that we bought is that it will tell David what streets he is approaching and it talks to him. On a funny note: the girls were with us when we bought the GPS and installed it in the car. Once it was installed on the windshield Kaylee started making requests for movies. She was pretty upset when we told her that it was not a DVD player! :o)

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