Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our girls have never done the traditional trick or treating. Instead, we go to our church's trunk or treat activity, Zoo Boo, and occassionally Mall-o-ween if Halloween is not on a Sunday. This year was a little bit unusual in that the girls went to Trunk or Treat without us. David and I were supposed to go on a date this past Friday night but our babysitter had to cancel but she was free Saturday. So David and I went on our date Saturday night and the girls went with our babysitter to trunk or treat. We have the absolutely best babysitter. Not only did she bring the girls to trunk or treat but she took pictures of them and then brought them home limited them to 2 pieces of candy and had them in bed (asleep) before we got home. (It will be a sad day when she goes off to college next year. She has been babysitting for us since she was a Freshman.)

Ready for the fun

Trunk or Treating (I think the cat has an itch)

Kaylee's loot

Naomi's loot

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