Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oil Ranch

On October 27th, Naomi's class went on a field trip to the Oil Ranch in Hockley. We asked Naomi who she wanted to go with her and she wanted me to. So I took the day off work and went with her. I had never been to the Oil Ranch but I enjoyed myself so much that I would like to go sometime as a family. Our day was spent filled with lots of fun activities. Naomi got to milk a cow, ride a pony, play in a hayloft, go on a hay ride to feed some cows, rode a miniature train, picked a pumpkin and lots of other cool stuff. I think my favorite was going on the hay ride. Before we got on the wagon for the hay ride each kid was allowed to get three pieces of cow food. Once we got into the pasture, the cows came right up to the wagon and ate the food right off the kid's hands. It was fun to see the kid's faces when they got slobbered by a cow.

Naomi milking a cow

Naomi riding a pony (she was a little unsure at first because of the height issue)

On our way to feed the cows

Feeding the cows

Naomi saying hi to the cows

Naomi in the hay loft

Learning about indians

Naomi with her pumpkin

Naomi's class (of course the sun was too bright and I did not realize that Naomi is behind a green post. arghh!!)

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