Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kaylee's 5th Birthday

Wow, I can't believe Kaylee is now 5. Last week was Kaylee's birthday. We decided to have Kaylee's party at the park this year. We invited some families that we knew, and had hamburgers and hot dogs. Then of course we did the cake and presents. Fun was had by all. Kaylee really enjoyed having my dad here for her birthday. He was in town for the week and actually had to leave the party early to catch his flight. Instead of trying to take pictures and video at the same time, I just filmed it with the flipcam and took pictures from it. I think the pictures turned out great. Here is just a sampling of pictures. (Yes, I know the cake is in the box but it was really windy and that is the only way the candle would stay lit!)

Tangled cake (however, all the rest of the decorations were Little Mermaid)
Blowing the candle

Wow my own Zuzu pet

Kaylee loves musical cards

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