Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One of the many things I don't like about teaching... moving classrooms. After being in the same room for 7 years, my school has decided to relocate my classroom to be near the other teacher that is teaching Aquatics. Normally I enjoy moving because you can weed out things that you no longer use. However, moving a classroom is a totally different story. I am not looking forward to moving 20 fish tanks ranging between 30g- 5g. And then of course is my big monster tank of 150g. I tried to explain my hesitation with the principal but it was a no go. Well, there goes my dream of actually checking out early this year. I will definitely be spending the week after school gets out moving my classroom. I was offered the help of the custodians. If I boxed, they would move. However, knowing the history of breakage with the custodians. I don't trust them with my tanks!!

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