Saturday, December 26, 2009

Peace Offering

Last week, Jenny took me out for awhile. Naomi was a little distressed that Mommy was leaving without her. So Jenny promised Naomi that if she was a good girl for Daddy that she would buy her something special. Naomi was excellent for David. Therefore Aunt Jenny gave Naomi a gift (play make-up). The only problem was that Kaylee did not get any make-up. Any mother with two girls close to the same age knows that this creates a problem. Oh yes, we had fights. Kaylee was upset because Naomi was not sharing. And Naomi was upset anytime Kaylee found it and started using it. After two days of fights, I broke down and retrieved from the Christmas stash the make-up that I had bought for each of the girls. And then peace again reigned in the Brown household. PS: Daddy has had at least 3 make-overs from Kaylee already.
Kaylee showing off her fake nails

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