Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mommy Can We Have One

Going to Utah means spending time with the girls favorite person, baby Emmalee. They both love their cousin soooo much. They would love a baby in our home. (Sorry girls, not anytime soon.) Since Emmalee is a little older now, she interacts with them more. Emmalee especially loves Naomi. Both girls can make Emmalee laugh and smile. Here are some pictures of the girls and Emmalee.
Naomi and Emmalee
Kaylee and Emmalee
Naomi playing with Emmalee
The little momma's
You hold, I 'll feed
The three girls

Naomi and Emmalee

1 comment:

Joel and Arielle said...

She has such chubby cheeks! You wouldn't know by looking at her how tiny she really is.