Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Day in the Life of Kaylee

Kaylee was such a peaceful baby in the womb. She was quite content to sit there and chill. She continued this after she was born too. In fact, she pretty much slept for the first six months of her life. And then wouldn't you know it... she became a whirlwind of energy. Here is a small sampling of the activities that Kaylee occupied herself with today:

Cooking!!: I did not get dinner on the table fast enough for her. Hmmm, that WAS two brand new bottles of sprinkles with garlic powder mixed in (yuck!)
After-dinner snack: Yes, that is a whole block of cheese that she helped herself too and nibbled bites on before I caught her!Beauty Treatment: NO that is not lotion!! She found a tube of hemorrhoid cream and was using it as lotion. I don't think I need to contact poison control. I don't believe she ingested it!Beauty Sleep: Wow! I think she tired herself out. She crawled into my bed and fell asleep right after the beauty treatment was washed off of her. Well, actually she did try to make a phone call on the home phone first.
(PS: All of this happened in a short span of five hours. I did not chronicle the earlier parts of her very active day.)

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