Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Milestone....

Yesterday Naomi was eating a slice of pizza when she said Mommy my mouth hurts. I had her come over and show me her mouth. And much to my surprise she had her first loose tooth. We were all very excited. Another little surprise is that her permanment tooth was already coming in too!!! I was crossing my fingers that she was not like her mother and her baby tooth would fall out soon. (Mine had trouble coming out even though my big teeth were already there!)
Then a few hours later, while eating her corn dog... She said mommy I think my tooth came out. And sure enough she had lost her first tooth. Man that was quick. I just hope her other one comes out pretty soon. It's replacement is getting ready to break through her gums any day now.
What a cute smile?!? Her missing tooth is front and center in the bottom.

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