Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pepperoni and Mushrooms?????

Last night, David order pizza for our dinner. I was asleep when he ordered it. When I woke up, he told me that he had ordered a cheese pizza and a pepperoni and mushroom pizza. I got grossed out when he told me about the pepperoni and mushroom one. So very kindly I told him thanks for ordering the pizza with mushrooms but I prefer sausage with them. He then told me he only ordered what I told him to. What?!?! I didn't tell him to order that. He told me yes I did while I was resting on the couch. Hmm, I didn't remember telling him that. So I guess, I was sleep talking. YUCK!!! Oh well, I ate the pizza anyways. And I made sure that David knows that for now on I like sausage and mushroom. NOT pepperoni!!!
PS: For the record, I do like pepperoni. In fact, I love supreme pizzas. I just don't like the combination of pepperoni and mushroom.

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