Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Night I Cried

Five and a half years ago, I took a job here in Texas to be close to my family. It was a hard thing for David and I to do because we were leaving great friends and my husbands parents. However, we knew that this was what the Lord wanted us to do. And I truly missed living close to my parents. These past five years has brought a lot of challenges and changes for us as a family. We bought our first house and Kaylee was born. And then for the last couple years, my parents and for awhile my sister and niece actually lived in our home with us. Right before Thanksgiving my parents packed up all their belongings and moved to Illinois. Even though it was a challenge for all of us to live together for that long, we were truly blessed by their presence in our home. Our home has been truly empty without them here. However, the full ramifications of them moving did not fully hit until last night as we were driving home from our Thanksgiving trip to Utah. I had called my dad as we were driving thru Ft. Worth to let him know our progress. When I got off the phone with him, I realized that unlike any of the other road trips I have taken these past few years with the girls this time when I arrived home my parents would not be here. Oh how I truly missed them right then. My parents have been truly a support to us these past few years and I miss them so much. Mom and Dad thanks for these past two and a half years. Your presence will be missed in our home. And the girls miss their grandparents very much!!


Erica Huff said...

Good luck with the adjustment. I hope it continues to get easier for you. I havne't seen you since you helped me out at church. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

the Braithwaites said...

Katie, we love you and miss you too. Mom and I both look forward to your calls. It brightens our days. Dad