Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is this the same girl?

Naomi has always been a very fashion conscious girl. About a year ago, Naomi had a meltdown because her panties did not match her pants. But now Naomi has reached the stage that she wants to choose her own outfits and dress herself. It is interesting to see the outfits that she puts together for herself. In fact, a lot of them do not match at all (see the picture above). When I have remarked on that fact, Naomi answers, "Oh, Mommy that doesn't matter." Is this the same girl that up to just recently would cry if the pinks she was wearing did not match exactly? While it makes the dressing process much easier now, I do cringe at some of her outfit choices. Oh well, she will grow out of it soon right?!


Joel & Arielle said...
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Joel and Arielle said...

It's okay, she's just eclectic. At least she's showing independence, right?